Workforce Disability Equality Standard leader addresses Disabled NHS Directors Network members meeting

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The DNDN welcomed Stuart Moore, senior manager of the NHS Workforce Disability Equality Standard, to its May meeting to present the key findings of the 2021 NHS WDES national survey.

While DNDN is concerned about the need for progress in relation to the disabled workforce at all levels, it particularly notes the challenges in relation to boards.  Overall, the report notes that

  • 3.7% of board members have declared a disability, the same figure as the overall workforce
  • In 2019, there were 63 board members who declared a disability; this has nearly doubled to 121 in 2021
  • 58.5% of trusts have no board members who have declared a disability
  • 23.8% of Board members have an ‘unknown’ disability status, this has reduced from 28.5% in 2019.

The DNDN welcomes the priorities set out by Stuart in the report:

  • Increase representation of Disabled leaders, particularly at band 8c and above.
  • Use WDES Innovation Fund to achieve improvements in Disabled staff experiences.
  • Improvements in ambulance trusts WDES performance.
  • Improvements in disability declaration rates (NHS Employers deliverable).
  • Complete delivery of COVID report recommendations (1. Building disability awareness within leaders and managers; 2. Promote visibility of Disabled leaders).
  • NHS EDI strategy development.
  • Inclusive recruitment and promotion practices (IRPP) workstream

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