DNDN Mentoring

Mentorship Overview for Aspiring and New NHS Executive and Non-Executive Directors

The DNDN is proud to be able to offer up to one year of mentoring with an experienced and trained Executive or Non-Executive Director Mentor. This programme is for new and aspiring executive and non-executive directors who are living with a disability or long-term condition. Our aim through this programme is to offer you tailored support in securing and settling into a new senior leadership role.

What’s on offer?

We are offering up to a year of mentoring with an experienced and trained mentor who is also an existing Trust Executive or Non-Executive Director living with a disability or long term condition.

We would ask you to fill in a questionnaire about yourself (see link below) and we will then match you with people we think are most likely to meet your needs.

If there is more than one match, you will then be asked to choose the mentor that is the best fit for you and we will then introduce you to each other. We will also send you a draft contract that you and your mentor can work to and the NHSE guide to mentoring.


You and your mentor then have a free hand to talk about whatever you want and would find useful and to meet in person or virtually as often as you both want and can manage. (Clearly the expectations of the mentor have to be reasonable as well as this being able to meet your needs).

At the end of the year we will send you a brief evaluation form that you and your mentor will be asked to complete so that we can be sure that we have made this relevant to you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this page and we hope that you will find this offer helpful to you.

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